YogaBellies Little Angels (Watford)

YogaBellies Little Angels (Watford)

Yogabellies in suitable for toddlers aged 6 weeks – 10 months on a Monday afternoon in Watford.

Class Details

Monday 1.30pm – 2.45pm (6 weeks – walking)



Little Angels classes are for babies and toddlers who can now move around by themselves by crawling, walking, running, bumping or whatever that means. This ranges from around 6 weeks  to 10 months.

The classes incorporate elements of yoga, massage, movement and music and continue the mum and baby bonding process while encouraging baby to express their new found creativity and freedom of expression.

These are generally taught as group classes and last around 45-60 minutes. The class includes yoga postures and dry massage strokes as well as stories, music, singing songs and rhymes and heuristic play. These elements together help baby’s vital development.

These classes encourage parents to ‘go with it’ and instead of trying to keep baby still, allow them to roam the room and explore – the room becomes your yoga mat.

+ aiding digestion
+ helping neuromuscular development
+ increased self confidence and positive body image
+ helps strengthen the immune system
+ encourages sound sleep
+ encourages social interaction
+ actively encourages self expression and creativity
+ promotes a healthy lifestyle from the start


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