Yoga with Tatjana

Yoga with Tatjana

Yoga with Tatjana run pregnancy and postnatal Yoga in Hendon.

The practice of yoga brings balance and harmony to our lives. Yoga gives us a closer look at our experiences and our sense of being. By practicing yoga we bring to our lives the feeling of freedom and timelessness. We create more space in our bodies and our minds, space for new energy and new possibilities.

Pregnancy yoga

Yoga will help you to feel relaxed, healthy and strong throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for the birth of your baby. The sessions are gentle yet dynamic; they include postures for stamina, for creating more space for the growing baby.  You will learn breathing techniques that will help you to relax. The pregnancy classes are a nice way to feel closer to your baby and develop loving bonds.

I practised and taught yoga during my all pregnancy. It helped me to stay healthy and well balanced. It also gave me precious knowledge how to teach pregnant ladies.  Moreover, training with Tara Lee on pregnancy yoga was very beneficial for the developing my as pre-and postnatal sessions.

Private Yoga classes are also available, for postnatal women.