Wendy Lever Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding Counsellors are usually breastfeeding mothers who have been trained to support other breastfeeding mothers. Some breastfeeding counsellors will offer private consultations for a charge. Lactation Consultants can also offer support. A Lactation Consultant is someone, not necessarily a mother, who has obtained the qualification by taking an internationally validated exam, demonstrating a high level of knowledge and skill about breastfeeding and lactation issues. Some Lactation Consultants provide those services in the course of their jobs within the NHS and some offer private consultations, usually within peoples' homes for a charge.

Wendy Lever Lactation Consultant

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who can help you to achieve your breastfeeding goals, whatever they might be. I will come to your home for a private consultation, offering warm and non-judgemental guidance to new and experienced mums alike.

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A Lactation Consultation May Be Helpful If:

Your breasts or nipples hurt during or after breastfeeding.
Your baby seems hungry after feeding.
Feeding is frustrating for you or your baby.
You would like coaching to understand normal breastfeeding behavior.
You are planning to return to employment or school.
Your baby is wetting fewer than one nappy each 24 hours for each day of age up to five days (one on day 1, two on day 2, three on day 3, etc.), and then 6-8 per day from day five on; OR is stooling (pooping) less than 3-5 times a day in the first 6 weeks.
Your baby is slow to gain weight.
Your new baby is jaundiced.
You have had breast surgery.
You or your baby have a special health care need.
Your baby is premature, hospitalized, or has a birth defect.
You need to increase your milk supply or your baby’s weight gain.


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