Unicorn Theatre

Unicorn Theatre

Unicorn Theatre is a theatre in Southwark. Upcoming children’s shows include The Velveteen Rabbit, Seesaw and Sensacional.

November – December 

17th Nov – 31st Dec The Velveteen Rabbit

There once was a Velveteen Rabbit, and in the beginning he was really splendid. He was fat and bunchy, as a Rabbit should be; and for at least two hours the Boy loved him.

22nd Nov – 31st Dec Boing

This piece of dance-theatre captures the delirious excitement of two boys waiting for Father Christmas to arrive on the most magical night of the year.
There are beds to be jumped on, pillows to be fought with, seas to be sailed…On this most extraordinary night, let your imagination soar right up to the stars.


January – March

26th Jan – 11th March Seesaw

Being little can be hard work. There are holes to dig, sand castles to make, treasures to find, adventures to be had. It’s much easier when you have a friend to help. But what if making friends is hard work too?


April – July

25th Apr – 29th Jul Sensacional

Bursting with colour and joy, this immensely popular interactive and immersive digital experience has become a regular feature in our programme that families return to again and again.