Tiny Wise

Breastfeeding Counsellors are usually breastfeeding mothers who have been trained to support other breastfeeding mothers. Some breastfeeding counsellors will offer private consultations for a charge. Lactation Consultants can also offer support. A Lactation Consultant is someone, not necessarily a mother, who has obtained the qualification by taking an internationally validated exam, demonstrating a high level of knowledge and skill about breastfeeding and lactation issues. Some Lactation Consultants provide those services in the course of their jobs within the NHS and some offer private consultations, usually within peoples' homes for a charge.

Tiny Wise

With an emphasis on positive parenting, Tiny Wise provides a family centred approach to problem solving, including sleep problems, weaning, and potty training.

Tiny Wise offers support to parents with a focus on positive parenting a whole family approach to resolving problems.  Our most popular support packages include help with sleep difficulties in babies and young children, breast or bottle feeding difficulties, postnatal support for Mum and Dad, advice and support for postnatal depression, guidance and support on establishing routines and healthy sleep associations.  Further down the line, we can also help with potty training, fussy eating and general behavioural problems.

Tiny Wise provides effective, family focused problem solving to address a range of issues that parents face when raising a young family.  Sleep issue are by far, the most common problem. Parents are usually at their wits end by the time the call Tiny Wise, having read every book and having spent countless hours searching the internet to find the miracle answer to their child’s sleep or behavioural issue.


By educating parents on how to address a wide range of problems from sleep and fussy eating to behavioural issues and potty training troubles, Tiny Wise takes a family centred approach, reflecting our ethos that every family is unique and requires a tailored package of support that promotes happy, connected families through daily one-to-one guidance until the issue is resolved.


Children who suffer from poor sleep for example, can often present a multitude of issues with far reaching consequences not only for themselves but for the family as a whole.  Behavioural issues leading to regular tantrums, fussy eating and generally undesirable behaviour are just some of the common links.  More recently, studies have highlighted issues around poor sleeping patterns, childhood obesity and low attainment at school.  In many cases, infants and young children who suffer from sleep or behavioural issues, won’t simply “outgrow” them and if ignored, can lead to more serious problems as your child gets older.

We all need a good nights’ sleep.  Let Tiny Wise help your family to achieve a healthy, happy home life.