The Knowledge Antenatal Classes

The Knowledge Antenatal Classes

The Knowledge Antenatal Classes aim is to give you the tools and information you need to cope with labour, birth and the first days with your baby with confidence. We want you to have a positive, happy birth experience so that you’ll remember the day your baby was born as one of the best days of your life.

If you know nothing about birth or babies and want knowhow from experienced practising midwives, these classes are designed for you.
We have been helping new parents get clued up about birth and babies since 2003. The Knowledge Antenatal Classes aim to give reliable, current, practical help to Learner Parents. A major key to having a good birth experience is high quality information. You can’t choose if you don’t know the choices. We love running our classes and between us we have a combined 20 years of midwifery experience. The least that you deserve is the best that we can give.

Having a baby is a powerful emotional and physical experience, but a very normal one. Sadly, most media coverage of birth is filled with emergencies and horror stories. Even friends who are already mothers make pregnancy more frightening by telling their birth stories with added drama. For the vast majority of women, the reality is different, and compared to the newspapers quite boring!

We are straight talking, practical, non-judgemental, experienced, working midwives. Between us, we have five children, so we have also walked in your shoes.

We also know that once your baby is here, it is quite useful to know what to do with it, so basic early days parenting is part of the course.

You also have the opportunity to learn Baby & Child Emergency Life Support Skills, basic first aid for newborns and older children, which is open to you and anyone who will be caring for your baby. Essential life skills.

Would you like The Knowledge about babies and birth or to make a booking for the next class? If so, then Contact us where we’ll be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.