Swimming Rocks (Golders Green)

Swimming Rocks (Golders Green)

Swimming Rocks runs 1:1 and small group swimming classes in Golders Green suitable for ages 3 months to adult. Lessons available 7 days a week.

Class Details

The Hugely popular Swimming Rocks returns to Golders Green from September!
After agreeing terms with the new owners of the Curtis+Staub Gym, Swimming Rocks swim school will reopen their doors offering more lessons and better facilities 7 days a week!
Baby and children’s lessons are available 7 days a week and they are offering a 20% reopening discount off the first term of lessons!



Lessons are primarily on a 1:1 or shared 2:1 basis for children. With lessons for babies and toddlers in small group ratios of no more than 6 per group.

Babies and Toddlers: 3 Months – 3 Years 

Early advancement and huge lot of fun too! You will be amazed at what your baby can do in the water and our lessons will not only advance on their natural instinctive abilities, but will also ensure your baby learns a lifesaving skill. Using specific commands and a few songs too, we will teach them to float, roll and travel both above and below the water and all the time feeling at ease and happy as they advance through the scheme.
Private lessons or small groups it is up to you.


Children 3 Years +

Focused learning and fast progress with our creative instructors. Learning to swim can be a daunting thought for some. For others it’s a doddle! Either way, we will adapt and develop an individually tailored learning plan for every swimmer. Choose private lessons or share a class with a swim buddy, your instructor will work closely to ensure that every lesson is maximized, working in the water to ensure that everyone’s potential is reached.
The improved facilities for the swim school include:

 – A dedicated entrance just for the swim school

– A new family changing room

– Whole pool use for the times the swim school is operating.

– Lessons 7 days a week.

– A warm 30 degree pool temperature

– Weekend baby lessons

To Book: Call Danni on 07795 968 325


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