Swimming Nature (Swiss Cottage)

Swimming Nature (Swiss Cottage)

Swimming Nature runs swimming classes in Swiss Cottage suitable for ages 3 months to teenagers.

We offer 30-minute baby classes with up to eight baby/parent couples in the pool. Our class consists of three separate age groups: 3-12 months, 1 -2 years and 2-3 years.

Lessons are primarily on a one-to-one and two-to-one basis for children who can join from the age of three onwards. Our classes operate on a rolling curriculum, so they may join any week of the year.

3 months to teenagers

Swimming is a natural experience for babies, and Swimming Natures planned activities will achieve much more than letting them just splash about!

When you introduce your baby to swimming early, it prepares them to be confident swimmers later in life. We create a socially interactive environment filled with games and nursery rhymes to encourage good swimming skills, hand/eye coordination and independence in the water, with you as a support rather than floats of buoyancy aids.

Baby lesson are so much fun- so prepare yourself for plenty of giggles!

3 years +

Whatever your child’s age or swimming ability, our fun and motivational classes teach them how to swim the correct strokes and become strong and confident swimmers.

Children are taught how to swim using correct strokes until they’re swimming with complete confidence. Our children’s’ programme consists of seven water animal levels, each one named after a different water-loving creature. From fun-filled swimming lessons to passionate and committed teachers, Swimming Nature’s pioneering teaching approach ensures constant progress in a relaxed and supportive environment.

You’ll find us teaching in pools across London and Home Counties. To find your nearest pool please visit the website or call us on 03445 04 05 06.







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