Sing & Sign (North Finchley)

Sing & Sign (North Finchley)

Sing & Sign run classes for babies aged 6 – 24 months in North Finchley on Friday morning

Class Details

Friday 10.15am Stage 1 (suitable for babies aged 6 – 14 months old)


Sing and Sign (The Original British Baby Signing Programme) is a programme of songs and rhymes teaching simple gestures (derived from sign language) which you can use to enhance communication with your baby. Babies typically go through a very gesture stage between 9 – 18 months. Sing and Sign will show you some extra and more specific gestures to make this natural form of communication even more rewarding and beneficial for you and your child. Baby signing is so easy. You can lessen frustration, enrich language learning and have a lot of fun with it too. Sing and Sign shows you how!

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