PregDance is a Ballet class especially designed for pregnant women and new mums with their babies.

PregDance™ is a unique ballet class designed especially for pregnant women and new mums with their babies. Every movement of PregDance has been carefully chosen to help you prepare for labour, birth and early motherhood.

The exercises tone and strengthen your body, while your baby experiences the elegant movements of ballet and soothing classical music.

the Mum&Baby Ballet class, we end with some ballet time for your baby, either resting on your lap or laying on the pillow, while the class sings nursery rhymes.

I wish my mums can have a nourishing experience when they practice PregDance: this is why all materials used in the class are freshly cleaned, water is provided for all students, flowers are set up in the room. I want PregDance studios to provide a sense of love, peace and happiness.

I encourage mums-to-be to start their class from they are 12 weeks pregnant, whilst babies are welcome to join the class from six weeks old.

Classes are on Wednesday & Friday mornings in St John’s Wood, or in the comfort of your own home.



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