Pleasance Theatre

Pleasance Theatre

Pleasance theatre is a venue in Islington. Upcoming children’s shows include Animalphabet in July

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16th Animalphabet

Treble Clef Island is a wonderful land of music, song and dance, but there’s a problem. Calando the dastardly duck has escaped and is threatening to steal sound forever. Join Colin the Cockatoo on a quest to find the island animals and thwart Calando’s plans. A Waltzing Elephant, a Reggae Frog, a Geordie Jazz Giraffe and a Hip-Hop Donkey, are just some of the musical-misfits Cockatoo will meet along the way. AnimAlphabet is a fun, fast paced comical journey with colourful characters, great puppets and unforgettably catchy songs – written by the Al and Sam of The Hoosiers – Animalphabet is a magical family musical unlike any other. AnimAlphabet features Kerry Ingram (Game of Thrones, Olivier Award winning Matilda, Netflix Mystery Horse Project) as the voice of Metro The Gnome.

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