Pilates Bumps Beyond

Pilates Bumps Beyond

Heidi runs antenatal and postnatal pilates classes in North Finchley on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and evenings and Wednesday evenings.

Class Details

Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am and 10.30am antenatal and postnatal (babies welcome)

Wednesday 8.30pm early postnatal for mat work

Tuesday and Thursday 7.30pm antenatal and postnatal


A 60 min consultation is needed prior to coming to class.

Pilates Bumps Beyond offers both mat and studio reformer classes! Prenatal Pilates and early Postnatal Pilates are offered daily. Looking forward to getting started back to fitness safely? We can meet as soon as your midwife or GP gives you the go ahead. Together we run through very specific breathing patterns and I then observe to make sure your ‘core’ is functioning as it should. You’ll be shown techniques to do at home to help with an exercise ‘to release’ around the ribs so the ‘flaring’ (caused by pregnancy) can begin to soften. Semi private, group sessions and more directly, a intense post recovery program – should you want to run through 3 weeks of postnatal work you then also work with my partner and pre/postnatal massage therapist and together we fast track you safely back to your return to fitness. Ask for details!



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