Pesach Breakfast Ideas

We have a whole host of ideas for Pesach breakfasts! If you’re feeling adventurous, we have enough options for the kids to have something different everyday of Pesach!

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Breakfast is often the most challenging meal over Pesach when thinking of ideas to feed the kids. Here are some ideas (aside from the ‘less-than-tasty cereals’ available in your local Kosher shop, and the staple of Matza plus jam/chocolate spread/cheese/honey etc.). Some Rabbis have been known to permit babies to eat food containing Kitniyot (with separate crockery and washed up elsewhere) and this may be worth exploring with your own Rabbi (please do not take our word on this!). We’ve found the Evelyn Rose recipe book really useful and have referenced the book in several places for you to find exact recipes.

We’d love to hear feedback on recipes and other ideas that worked with your kids.

Chag Sameach!

1)       Matzah Meal Porridge: mix some medium matza meal with some sugar and milk. This could also be made by mixing matza meal in a pot with milk or water and slowly heating, stirring until it thickens up.

2)       Fruit ‘n’ Fibre: mix matza pieces with raisins, almonds, sliced banana and milk and any other fresh or dried fruit. You could also sprinkle cinnamon on top for added flavour.

3)       Matza Granola which can be eaten as a ‘cereal’ bar, or served with milk or yoghurt. This can be made with matza, a variety of nuts, dried fruit, dried coconut, and honey. Here’s one possible recipe

4)       Eggs cooked in a variety of ways: boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, omelette

5)       Matza Brei: break up matza, wet it and mix with an egg, some sugar and some cinnamon. Fry in small batches. You can put a variety of spreads on top of this including cream cheese/jam etc.

6)       Yoghurt: can be eaten plain, or mixed with apple sauce and fruit.

7)       Smoothies: yoghurt or milk blended with selected fruit.

8)       Avocado

9)       Fruit compote/stewed apple/mashed banana or other fresh fruit

10)   Fry up: fried mushrooms and tomatoes, eggs, sausages (veggie or meat)

11)   Prelatoes which are light and crisp sponge biscuits (from the Evelyn Rose recipe book)

12)   Pancakes made with potato flour ( or Chremslach – Matza Meal Pancakes (from the Evelyn Rose recipe book)

13)   Fairy cakes or muffins

14)   Bubbelahs

15)   Pesach rolls with a variety of spreads (Evelyn Rose has a recipe, or there are several ones out there on the web)