Perfect Balance: Pregnancy Massage

Perfect Balance: Pregnancy Massage

Perfect Balance Clinic provides pregnancy massage in Central London and St Albans.

A Pregancy Massage practitioner provides massage in pregnancy for women who may be suffering with pain or would like to feel more relaxed and enjoy their pregnancy.  A Pregnancy Massage practitioner is able to provide massage in pregnancy to help relax tight soft tissues in hte lower back and shoulders which can often occur during pregnancy.  Massage in pregnancy can be provided by our pregnancy massage therapists to work closely alongside our pregnancy team including our Midwife Osteopath and our specialist Osteopath team to better understand and manage your pregnancy.


Our Pregnancy Massage therapy team often take on clients who have looked at our website after being told they cannot take pain relief for thier back or shoulder pain during pregnancy from their midwife or GP.  We also take on quite a few clients who have already seen a standard pregnancy massuer and need something more specialised at no extra cost.  We make sure our Pregnancy Massage team take time with you and give you a very thorough and advanced assessment and diagnosis.

We always take our time in the selection process of our Pregnancy Massage team members to make sure we select people that are motivated, professional and honest, making sure we provide you with a Pregnancy massage service that provides great results.

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