One Day Hypnosis & Mindful Birth Classes

One Day Hypnosis & Mindful Birth Classes

One day hypnosis and mindful birth classes for your baby, body and mind.

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They are wonderful classes and a great way to develop essential skills for labour, birth, postnatal and beyond. 

Mindful Mamma runs one day hypnobirth and mindful birth antenatal classes across the UK. An experienced antenatal teachers doula offer these popular classes that help you to understand how your state of mind can affect the type of birth experience you have. We focus on what will go right, helping you and your birthing partner gain the confidence to know that you are in control of decisions around your baby’s birth. You’ll learn practical techniques to help you feel more relaxed, including relaxation, hypnosis and mindfulness. 100% of mums that have been on our course have said they would recommend it, and that’s a lot of mums


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