Naomi Joffe Postnatal Doula

Breastfeeding Counsellors are usually breastfeeding mothers who have been trained to support other breastfeeding mothers. Some breastfeeding counsellors will offer private consultations for a charge. Lactation Consultants can also offer support. A Lactation Consultant is someone, not necessarily a mother, who has obtained the qualification by taking an internationally validated exam, demonstrating a high level of knowledge and skill about breastfeeding and lactation issues. Some Lactation Consultants provide those services in the course of their jobs within the NHS and some offer private consultations, usually within peoples' homes for a charge.

Naomi Joffe Postnatal Doula

Postnatal doula, breastfeeding counsellor and home organizer

We spend so much time preparing and planning for the birth, we hardly give a thought to what will happen afterwards. So often, parents are surprised and shocked about the effect having a baby has on every aspect of their life, and the first weeks of their baby’s life pass in a haze, without them being able to appreciate how special this time is.


If only we had the experience and knowledge with the first baby that we do with our subsequent children, we would enjoy it so much more!


Having a doula around during those early days can give you that experience and knowledge so you and your baby can have the lovely, bonding time getting to know each other without so much stress and worry.


Calm, experienced and non-judgemental support is so helpful during this time. I will spend time with you as you learn how to be a mother (or mother of more than one child), guiding and reassuring.


As a trained breastfeeding counsellor, I can also help you through issues and challenges which you may face as you and your baby learn this amazing skill.


So that you can spend time feeding and being with your baby, I can do basic tidying, prepare simple meals, load the washing machine etc. I will be there so you can have a sleep without keeping one ear constantly listening for the baby. I can accompany you on your first shopping trip with the baby, or to a baby clinic or GP appointment.


I can also help you prepare your home before the baby arrives. Pregnant women often get a nesting instinct before the birth, but are too tired and big to do much about it! I love helping to organize and declutter so that you can bring your baby into a welcoming, calm space.