Mini Mozart (Muswell Hill)

Mini Mozart (Muswell Hill)

Mini Mozart runs classes suitable from birth – 3 years old in Muswell Hill on Thursday mornings.

Class Details

Thursday 9.30am – Toddlers from 15 months – 3 years

Thursday 10.20am – Babies from birth – 15 months


The class is in two parts. The warm up section familiarises the children with the teacher’s instruments (violin / clarinet / french horn etc) and presents the pianist.

The second part of the class is an interactive mini musical based on a different fairy tale each week. The children play along on percussion instruments and exercises with a parachute and bubbles build on the musical foundations laid in the warm up.

We love the idea of musical heritage so the sing-a-long songs are all taken from what we consider to be the British aural tradition, which basically means that they’re likely to be the songs your parents sang to you, and that your children will sing to theirs. In that way the whole family, from baby to great grandparents will know and sing the same songs : For example when Cinderella’s carriage turns into a pumpkin, she gets the night bus home and we all sing ‘The Wheels On The Bus’. When the Three Little Pigs despatch the Big Bad Wolf, we all sing If You’re Happy & You Know It.

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