Mama Serene

Mama Serene

Mama Serene teaches Natal Hypnotherapy antenatal classes in Bushey.

Natal HypnotherapyTM is Britain’s leading hypnosis for birth programme.  It doesn’t require a change of language or complicated breathing techniques.  It simply gives pregnant women and their partners effective and powerful  tools to empower their birth experiences.

Does it work? – Yes! Is the simple answer.  The body knows how to birth a baby, everything a woman needs is already inbuilt and imprinted.  The only thing that can derail this is fear and when adrenaline comes into play, it cancels out vital birthing hormones causing the labour to slow down or stop.  The reason we are made that way, makes good sense.  Picture a pregnant cave woman out gathering wood and berries for her family.  Her contractions start, and by their intensity and frequency she knows if she needs to return to the cave or should hunker down and give birth there and then.  Should a Saber-toothed Tiger suddenly put in an appearance at  that point, the resulting adrenalin rush would stop labour in its tracks so she could get herself and her unborn child to safety.

Nowadays, we don’t have to worry about too many four legged animals roaming the labour wards, but Saber-toothed Tigers can appear in many guises – a strange room, a woman screaming next door, an un-sympathetic midwife or consultant or a TV documentary on how awful birth is.  Natal HypnotherapyTM gives you valuable tools to remain calm and relaxed at all times, encouraging the powerful birthing hormones to do their stuff and keep adrenalin at bay.

Hypnotherapy is simply deep relaxation and through fun, informative classes, the woman learns to take herself effortlessly into that deeply relaxed state, whilst her partner learns valuable techniques to enhance the experience for her.  Classes are taught regularly in small group sessions in Bushey, private sessions are also available.