Love Me Yoga

Love Me Yoga

Love Me Yoga is a antenatal yoga class in Swiss Cottage, West Hampstead and Mill Hill..

Class Details

Monday and Friday in West Hampstead

Wednesday in Mill Hill



Laura is a certified 300 hour yoga instructor and also certified to the standard of excellence as a pregnancy yoga teacher and antenatal educator. Classes are in West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, Mill Hill and Marble Arch. There are classes every day including morning and evening classes.

Yoga is the perfect practice for pregnant women. Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a nurturing way of creating optimum health for mum and baby. Yoga helps with the physical aspect of being pregnant, through movement aimed at making space, energising, alleviating ailments and aches, maintaining strength and mobility. If you have been doing yoga prior to becoming pregnant you will learn how to modify your practice now. If you have never done yoga before, 90% of women who come to pregnancy yoga have never done any yoga either. You will reap the benefits the classes have to offer. Yoga also helps with emotional changes taking place during pregnancy. The classes are also a wonderful way to make new friends with other pregnant ladies and share valuable tips!

Laura’s pregnancy yoga classes are energising, uplifting, calming and relaxing. The classes will be tailored each week to the individual needs in the class. We will practice breathing techniques to help create space and prepare for birthing, go through various postures and movements and finish with a lovely long relaxation, to help you truly relax.