Lazy Daisy Barnet

Lazy Daisy Barnet

Daisy Birthing® is an Active Antenatal™ method, which uses flowing moves to aid your antenatal education by anchoring it to your breath, body & movement, in Barnet.

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Full Description

Pregnant? It’s almost certain that you are now looking for something that can help you to:
1) enjoy easing away symptoms and adapt to your changing body,
2) prepare for your baby’s birth with powerful and practical tools, and
3) meet new friends who are at the same point in their journey as you!

Daisy Birthing® – the founders of the Active Antenatal™ method bring you their ground breaking, effective and all-encompassing class which will support you from 14 weeks right up to your baby’s birth! We believe in continuity of care when you need it most, supporting you on your journey as your baby grows with expert education, nourishing support and of course laughter too! Through our follow-on newborn workshops, Daisy Baby® Tinies and Wrigglers classes and with the support of all our Daisy mummies, Daisy is with you every step of the way.
The Daisy Birthing® program has been developed in to our own powerful Active Antenatal™ method, helping you to learn your antenatal education in a truly effective way – anchored to your breath, your body and your movement – exactly where you will need it on your baby’s birthing day. Our unique use of gentle flowing moves, incorporating some of our trademark “Rotate to Dilate” and “Accelerator Pedal” birth-oriented positions will have you riding the waves of your labour with ease!
Daisy Birthing® will help you stay active in pregnancy, ease those pregnancy symptoms and prepare for a confident and calmer birth!

To meet new friends whilst enjoying a wonderful, complete and unconditional (as we support all birth choices and outcomes) way to prepare your mind, body and baby for birth – find your local Daisy Birthing® class!


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