KangaRooKids Music, Movement & Drama Parties

KangaRooKids Music, Movement & Drama Parties

Looking to make an amazing party for your child? Give your little Joey the gift of a KangaRooKids MUSIC, MOVEMENT & DRAMA party and they’ll bounce with joy & happiness on their special day!


Our themed parties are ideal for birthdays, special days of the year and religious festivals, such as Chanukah, Purim & Pesach


Parties for Junior Joeys 1-3 yrs

Our incredible music and movement parties are designed to hold the attention of the youngest of age groups. The children experience a magical combination of song, puppetry, story telling and musical instruments. Our wonderful parachute game allows the Junior Joeys to bounce around safely with laughter and excitement  

Parties for Joeys 4-7 yrs


Our amazing, interactive story telling parties are based on the theme of your choice. Your costumed party leader will engage the kids’ imaginations by making them part of the story   They can come dressed as their favourite character to act out the story and work as a team to help save the day.
Along the journey are fantastic games, music and dances that leave
our Joeys jumping for joy  

Choose a theme: Princes & Princesses, Fairies & Wizards, Dragons, Knights & Princesses, Religious FestivalsPirates & MermaidsSuperheroes & Heroins, Jungle Explorers

If you’d like a different theme, our parties can be tailored to your specific requirements at an additional cost. This can include songs, games, costumes and toys.
Quotations available on request ​​