Jewish Antenatal Classes

Jewish Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes with a Jewish edge run by Jessica in Finchley.

B’Sha’ah Tova, Mazel tov, Congratulations!!

Becoming a parent and bringing a new life and generation into the world should be a magical time. These classes aim to give parents the information, knowledge and skills to allow you to have the experience that is right for you.

The informative yet informal sessions will be run by an NCT antenatal educator who is also a doula, hypnobirth practitioner, Jewish educator and community worker. The course will include everything you expect from an antenatal course including the following and more;
Different stages of labour and birth
Physical skills that can help make the labour and birth a positive experience (e.g. positions for labour and birth)
Pain management techniques
Looking after a new born (e.g feeding, changing nappy)
Role of the birth partner
Exploring the transition to parenthood

The unique Jewish element will be weaved throughout the course allowing space for discussions on Jewish rituals including Bris (circumcision), baby namings and becoming a Jewish parent.

The course will run for 8 consequtive Mondays and held in Finchley at the teachers’ home in a relaxed and comfortable environment. All denominations and mixed marriages are invited.

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