I Can Do It Montessori: 121 Home Support & Mentoring

I Can Do It Montessori: 121 Home Support & Mentoring

Rochelle Cutler provides one-to-one home parenting support and family mentoring, using AMI Montessori techniques combined with over 20 years experience as a nanny and teacher.

My mission is to bring simple, effective, and gentle parenting techniques to as many families as possible, through my workshops, groups and classes. I provide accessible support so you can understand your child’s needs and work together towards fulfilling their infinite potential.

Montessori techniques involve being kind yet firm, respectful, loving and patient. I’d love to help your family overcome any difficulties you’re experiencing. Please feel free to give me a call for an informal chat with no obligation. My fees are fair and reasonable, with instalments and discounts for single-parent families.

I travel all around London, Hertfordshire and Middlesex to personally visit families and make sure you receive all the support you need. After each session, you will receive comprehensive notes and at least a week of unlimited telephone and email support.  My services are tailored to your family’s specific needs so you feel empowered to make the changes necessary to ensure your children fulfil their potential.

She works with families of children aged between birth and 12 years old to solve all your parenting challenges: bedtimes, mealtimes, tantrums, toileting, confidence, social skills, sibling rivalry, homework, lack of motivation and more…