Hear to Listen

Hear to Listen

Mrs C Kampf is a trained psychotherapist.

Mazel Tov on your new baby

This is an exciting, exhilarating, and hopefully happy time. However, it can also be a time of tremendous challenge. Whether it is your first or sixth baby, every baby changes the fabric and dynamic of the family. Mum is fragile, physically exhausted and emotionally sensitive. Once baby arrives, mum’s needs are often ignored or sidelined. There is often a lack of sympathy for her vulnerable state, and she may be told to ‘get on with it and get back to normal’.

Many women find this pressure unbearable- you are not alone-. Most women suffer from the ‘baby blues’, a very mild form of post-natal depression, which dissipates within six months. However for some of these women, the symptoms of low mood, anxiety and tearfulness will persist. For these women, not ‘returning to normal’ within six months can induce feelings of guilt and worthlessness, particularly around their mothering skills. Survey after survey has shown that when women share these feelings with a therapist, their feelings of guilt, anxiety and isolation are reduced.

I hope to offer you a confidential, quiet and safe environment where your feelings can be heard and reflected upon, so that you are able to gain insight, understanding and self-appreciation.

Mrs C.Kampf B.A [Hons.] Psycho-dynamic psychotherapist