Happy Soles

Happy Soles

Caroline runs baby reflexology on Wednesday mornings in Borehamwood.

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Class times vary depending on the turn.

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The bodies and systems of babies and children are different to that of an adult, and this is reflected in the feet and how we work with them. Reflexology can have many positive effects on the baby or child, and this in turn could enhance your relationship with your child. For many common ailments such as colds, teething or reflux, reflexology can alleviate symptoms and calm an over-energetic child. More importantly, by taking the time to be present with your child, through the closeness of the therapy and the introduction of gentle touch within your routine, facilitates a closer bond between you both. It can also assist with releasing and balancing birth trauma.

If you are worried about your child’s/ babies health, please contact your G.P in the first instance.