Hampstead Pilates

Hampstead Pilates

Liz Bellau runs individual Pilates classes for all levels, in your home.

About Hampstead Pilates

Hampstead Pilates is run by Liz Bellau who is qualified Body Control Pilates teacher. Body Control Pilates is the world leader in Pilates training. She is a member of the Body Control Pilates Association, Europe’s largest professional body for Pilates teachers,  and has reached Level 3 of the UK Register of Exercise Professional. Liz’s passion for fitness and pilates extends over the past 10 years where she combined practicing with working as an Account Director in a top Marketing Agency

After having her second child, Liz decided to focus on teaching Pilates and spreading its fitness benefits to others. You will find her classes rewording, challenging and really enjoyable.

Liz offers Pilates at all levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

You can share a class with a friend or a partner. The area covered is Finchley areas, Hampstead areas, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Golders Green and Temple Fortune.

Group classes or private sessions

During pregnancy, your tummy muscles, along with your pelvic floor muscles will be put under great strain – they will stretch and release as your baby grows. This can result in weak pelvic floor muscles (with less control of the bladder), and weak abdominals which can result in back and/or pelvic pain.

Practicing Pilates frequently during your pregnancy can counteract these discomforts or problems – the focus is on strengthening your core internal muscles and providing support from within your body.

Pregnancy Pilates will give your body strength and stamina, building your back, abdominals and pelvic floor muscles enabling a more comfortable pregnancy, preparing your body for birth as well as helping recovery.

It will improve posture during your pregnancy, improves circulation and increases your upper body strength in preparation for breast feeding or carrying your baby when born (and as it grows heavier!).