Granary Square Fountains

Granary Square Fountains

Granary Square Fountains are a lovely attraction in Kings Cross.


This is London’s newest square and one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

The main attraction at Granary Square is undoubtedly the fountains. Arrive at daybreak, and the mood is serene with mist and fog setting the scene. The fountains become more and more animated as the day goes on. Granary Square fountains are open daily and are on during daylight hours, so more time for fun during the summer months.

On a sunny day the square transforms into an urban beach, with kids of all ages dashing through the fountains, trying to dodge the jets. You can even have a go at controlling the jets yourself with the Granary Squirt app, which turns the fountains into a giant playable game of Snake. Granary Squirt will be back in summer 2017.