Dancing with Louise: Intro to Ballet (Mill Hill/Hendon)

Dancing with Louise: Intro to Ballet (Mill Hill/Hendon)

Dancing with Louise’s Intro to Ballet is your child’s perfect continuation of formal ballet lessons suitable for ages 3- 4.5 years held on a Sunday morning in Mill Hill/Hendon.

Class Details

Sunday 9.55am – 10.30am Age 3  4 years

Sunday 10.30am – 11.10am Age 3.5 – 4.5 years


Classical Ballet helps develop core stability and is the base of all dance. Following the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus, our Ballet classes teach poise, grace, flexibility and stamina. We also work on a choreographed ballet routine so dancers are able to piece together the individual exercises they have learned into polished routines, usually working towards our Dance Extravaganza or end of term dance displays. Our classes are split into levels so please call the DWL office to find out which course is for you.

Children will be invited to take their RAD ballet exams, when they are ready to, at the teacher’s discretion. This will be on the understanding that the child should attend all class lessons, and be willing to attend an extra coaching lesson every week during the term building up to the exam.


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