Dancing with Louise: Dance Gym (Mill Hill/Hendon)

Dancing with Louise: Dance Gym (Mill Hill/Hendon)

Dancing with Louise’s Dance Gymnastics is great fun and great exercise, suitable for ages 4 – 6 years held on Sunday morning in Mill Hill/Hendon.

Class Details

Sunday 9.45am – 10.30am

Reception and Year 1 Boys and Girls


Our Dance Gymnastics course brings you a fantastic dance and gymnastics class combining popular gymnastic floor-work moves including splits, cartwheels, forward rolls, back-bend walk-over and flips to name but a few), together with Cheerleading and Modern/Jazz dance sequences. All the gymnastics stunts and dance steps are put together to create an Olympic-style choreographed set routine which is worked on each week.

Classes will stretch and challenge our students physically and are great for fitness and flexibility. Dance gymnastics is also great for confidence building and improving dance performance and tricks repertoire.

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