Lazy Daisy Baby – Baby Massage Classes

Lazy Daisy Baby – Baby Massage Classes

Lazy Daisy Baby Massage runs classes in Stanmore on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Class Details

45 minutes class time and time for tea/coffee and biscuits beforehand!Class to start at 11.15am but come and join everyone for tea/coffee beforehand from 10.45-11.15am!


Learn beautiful full body infant massage sequences coupled with reflexology and gentle soft yoga stretching, but packaged in a completely unique way – this is so much more than just baby massage!

Teaches are fully trained in IPTI approved infant massage and movement for baby.

Sessions are designed for even the most sensitive baby – with lots of in-arms time, rocking, soothing sounds and white noise

Your baby won’t need to lay on their back for extended periods in order to participate (so ideal for babies who need lots of cuddles, or babies with reflux).

It doesn’t matter if baby cries …. and even when this happens our lovely calming techniques really tend to soothe them so quickly.

We’re accessible for all mums, not just the mums and babies suffering with colic!

We’re fun ….. Our learning is serious yes, but our class is relaxing, refreshing and friendly.

We provide a community of like-minded mums all wanting to talk about the positives of bringing up baby and celebrating all choices (all types of feeding, nappies, parenting attitudes are VERY WELCOME).

Techniques can help common ailments like colic, reflux, tight neck (torticollis) and flat head, as well as improving digestion and sleep!

£54 for the 6 week term and if you choose to book for a second term you get a discounted rate of £45!!



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