Crafts 4 Kids Events

Crafts 4 Kids Events

Crafts 4 Kids runs art, crafts and games for 3 – 10 year old birthday parties.

Crafts4Kids Events specialise in arts, crafts and games for children’s parties, holiday workshops and other events for boys and girls aged 3 to 10.

We are based in London and have been running craft events for over 5 years!

We try to coordinate crafts and games to suit each and every child who celebrates their birthday with us or attends any of our other events. We do so by striving to know each child’s likes and dislikes and accommodating these in our schedule, from sports games to disco parties!

We have participated in a range of events from Chanukah and Christmas parties to an Ushperin ceremony to events and clubs within schools. We can even entertain young guests at larger functions such as Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs!

We also try to provide the children with unique crafts and games originating from all over the world!