Child Sleep Solutions: The Child Sleep Consultancy

Child Sleep Solutions: The Child Sleep Consultancy

Nicola Watson is a sleep consultant, she can help you and your family in some of the most stressful periods of yours and your child’s life.

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Does your baby still not sleep through the night? Can he only settle if you rock him to sleep? Does she wake every hour for the dummy? Do you have battles every night at bedtime? Does he end up in your bed every night? Does she still wake to feed throughout the night?

You may feel like you have tried everything and it hasn’t worked. At Child Sleep Solutions we tailor the solution to suit the individual baby/child and family. You will get all the knowledge and support you require to help you gently get your baby or child sleeping through the night. Individual packages start from just £75.

We also offer seminars covering everything you need to know about sleep and your child: sleep throughout the different stages of childhood; the importance of sleep; instilling good habits; common sleep problems and overcoming them; sleep training techniques and a Q & A session at the end. You will leave with the tools to tackle any problems that may arise. Prices start from £20 per person, free to the host, dependant on location and size of group.

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