Finanical Entitlements

This page summarises some of the key financial entitlements that you may be able to claim. We encourage you to research them independently in addition to the information given here as we are not financial advisors. Other useful websites include and


Childcare Vouchers

This is a system whereby a portion of your salary can be paid to you in the form of Childcare Vouchers. These can then be used to pay for OFSTED registered childcare (childminders, day nurseries, playgroups, nannies, holiday playschemes) for children aged up to 15 years old.

Healthy Start Vouchers

Healthy Start Vouchers are free vouchers that are issued to you and can be used to buy milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk. You can also get free vitamins.

Sure Start Maternity Grant

The Maternity Grant is a one-off payment for families who are on low income. The grant is awarded for your first child only.

Child Tax Credits

Child Tax Credits are payments from the Government that some families are entitled to claim. If you are responsible for at least one child or young person who normally lives with you (and for whom you claim Child Benefit), you may qualify for Child Tax Credits. It is important to check whether you are eligible for Child Tax Credits by completing an online questionnaire on the HMRC website (see below). When completing the questionnaire, you will need to enter details of your income together with your partners income (if applicable).

Free NHS Prescriptions and Free NHS Dental Care

All pregnant women and those who have had a baby in the last 12 months are entitled to receive free NHS prescriptions and free NHS dental care.

Child Benefit

Child Benefit is a tax-free sum of money from the Government that is paid directly into your bank account, normally every 4 weeks (although in some circumstances, it could be paid weekly). It is not means-tested in any way and although there are some conditions regarding who is entitled to receive Child Benefit, in the majority of cases, you are entitled to claim this money. Each child in the family receives a Child Benefit payment until the age of 16. The payments can continue until the age of 20 if your child remains in full-time education.