Other Support

Maternity Clothes & Children's Collection

Cocoon Family Support for New Mums

Cocoon Chrysalis course is designed to help new mothers identify and acknowledge the transitions they are experiencing on a Friday morning in Swiss Cottage.

Jigsaw Therapy

Jigsaw is a professional service for children, families and adults. We offer a safe place to think and explore difficult feelings in confidence accompanied by a sensitive and respectful therapist. We have several specialised clinicians experienced in supporting couples, parents and families who may be facing difficulties with conception, loss, in the perinatal or post-natal period.

Wrap A Hug: Baby Wearing Consultant

Wrap A Hug is a Sling Library run by baby wearing consultant Azzurra Miotto, who offers a sling library where you can rent slings, private consultations and group workshops.

Cocoon Family Support

Cocoon Family support is a London based charity. We support those affected by postnatal depression, and mothers who are struggling to deal with difficult emotions before and after birth

New Baby & Feeding Support Group @ NNLS

Breastfeeding support and parenting advice on a Thursday morning in Finchley

Mums In Mind

We are a wellbeing service for parents. We provide parents with emotional support, guidance, information on the psychology of parenting.


PATH is The Parent Advisory Telephone Helpline.

Jnetics (formally known as Jewish Genetic Disorders UK)

Jnetics provide information, testing and support for Jewish genetic disorders.

Be Ready to Parent, Practical training for parents and parents-to-be

Dr Ella Rachamim runs Paediatric First Aid training For parents and childcarers Single session or as part of antenatal or postnatal course.


Binoh is Norwood's multi -professional special education needs service.