Ask the Nurse

Jill Wheatcroft (RSCN [Registered Sick Children’s Nurse], NNEB [National Nursery Examination Board], MSc) is a Director of Riverside Nannies and Mothers Helps, Riverside Training Company and Riverside Childcare and has been working in the childcare field for 32 years. Jill, who is Programme Co-ordinator for Riverside Training Company is a qualified Nursery Nurse, a highly experienced Children’s Nurse and a Lecturer in Children’s Nursing.

Maternity Clothes & Children's Collection

Allergies and Hay Fever

Questions relating to treating allergies and hay fever.

Weaning and Feeding

Lots of questions relating to tackling weaning and giving children healthy balanced diets.

Bottle Feeding

Lots of advice about bottle feeding, formula and milk.


How can I relieve the pain associated with teething?

Skin and Spots

Chickenpox, spots, rashes and eczema.

Coughs and Colds

Dealing with coughs, colds, wheezing, and bronchiolitis.


How to spot and manage constipation in children.

Cradle Cap

The age-old question... how do you get rid of cradle cap?


Lots of common questions about immunisations, including information on how to deal with the 2013 Measles epidemic.

Under the Weather

Q and A's for when your little one is under the weather.