There are various types of childcare that cater for children between the ages of 0 – 5 years old. When choosing what type of childcare you require, you must consider several factors:

1) Do you require full-time (i.e. 5 full days a week) or part-time childcare?
2) Do you require childcare all year-round or just during term time?
3) Do you require temporary childcare or permanent childcare?
4) What is your budget?
5) Do you want your child to be cared for at home or in an alternative location?
6) Do you want your child to be cared for alone or in an environment with other children?

Whichever option you feel suits your family needs most closely, it is important to visit/meet with/interview the potential carers. This will help you to ascertain whether the childcare you are investigating is most suitable for your child. It is important that you feel comfortable with the choice that you ultimately make.

It is advisable to research the options early, particularly if you are considering sending your child to a Day Nursery, since many get booked up and operate waiting lists.

Childcare can be confusing since the terms ‘Nursery’, ‘Kindergarten’, ‘Playgroup’, ‘Pre-School’ and ‘Gan’ are used interchangeably to describe a variety of childcare establishments. The academic year in which your child turns 4 years old is most commonly called the Nursery Year. The following academic year in which your child turns 5 years old is the year that children start Reception.

The Jewish Baby Directory does not recommend or endorse any particular type of childcare or indeed any one practitioner. It is the sole responsibility of the parents/carers to investigate the options for themselves and satisfy their own questions. The information given is to provide parents/carers with the variety of options available to them.

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