Body & Sole Reflexology

Body & Sole Reflexology

Ruth is a qualified reflexologist practicing in Shenley and teaching baby reflexology sessions.

Baby Reflex is a gentle and effective method of Reflexology that mothers and fathers can give to their own babies from 4 weeks old. Baby Reflex techniques have been developed from 15 years of research, and these have now been developed into the best practice for Reflexology in babies and young children.

Treatments can be used to calm and relax baby, ease colic and wind, help improve the immune system, ease discomfort from teething, ear and nose complaints. Baby Reflex complements the natural bonding between mother and baby, and makes for a very contented mother and baby.

Sessions can be on a one to one basis, where both the parent and baby can benefit from a treatment and the parent can be shown techniques to use to help soothe their baby.

You can also join a small group of parents and babies for 3 one hour sessions. Here the friendship of other parents is very important for the confidence and contentment of new mothers, and this can help new mothers bond more easily with their babies.

Please contact me should you want any further details.

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