Bilingual Beats

Bilingual Beats

Bilingual Beats run French & Spanish music classes for children aged 4 months – 5 years on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon in Swiss Cottage.

Class Details

Wednesday 3.20pm & 4.10pm (Spanish)

Suitable for children aged 4 months – 5 years



At Bilingual Beats, we speak music! And we sing languages! With our unique programme, musical and language skills develop hand in hand, each one consolidating and reinforcing the other.

Bilingual Beats is an early childhood (0-5 years old) bilingual music programme that integrates the learning of both music and a foreign language in a fun, dynamic and creative way. Our methodology has been developed in accordance with CLIL, the Content and Language Integrated Learning approach. This educational approach involves teaching a subject through a foreign language.

At Bilingual Beats, children learn to move rhythmically, to sing, and to develop listening and improvisation skills, acquiring new vocabulary and grammatical structures of a second language as they do so. The learning happens through the medium of playful and developmentally appropriate activities.



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