Be Ready To Parent

Be Ready To Parent

Practical training for parents-to-be with Dr Ella Rachamim, parent and paediatrician..


I am a mother to a busy toddler and 1 year old identical twin girls. I trained in London and have worked as a paediatrician in most of the North and Central London teaching hospitals.

Becoming a parent for the first time is a wonderful experience. It is a time of immense joy and fulfilment. But it can also be challenging, confusing and anxiety provoking. The key to getting the most out of this magical time is preparation. The more knowledgeable and the better prepared you are the easier it will be to meet these challenges and enjoy the experience of being a new parent.  This course aims to unravel the confusion around parenting, be supportive, informative and above all realistic. I want to empower new parents to feel confident when things are going well, to identify when things could be going better, and to know where to go to get the right help when they need it.

Classes run over 7 evenings before the birth and one morning postnatally.

Joint working with Jan Harrison, Babycare consultant and Tracey McGrath, midwife and breastfeeding supporter, to name a few. In addition to what is normally covered by antenatal classes, this course covers paediatric first aid (supported by Safe and Sound), navigating NHS services, time for birth partners, practical tips on parenthood and more.
Mini-talks from other childcare professionals including a physiotherapist. Postnatal drop-in with Tracey, Jan and myself.

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