Applying to Primary School

If you are hoping to send your child to a Jewish primary school, the following table of information will be extremely useful to you.


Year Child was Born Start Nursery in… Start Reception in…
1/9/13 – 31/8/14 September 2017 September 2018
1/9/14 – 31/8/15 September 2018 September 2019
1/9/15 – 31/8/16 September 2019 September 2020
1/9/16 – 31/8/17 September 2020 September 2021
1/9/17 – 31/8/18 September 2021 September 2022


The Autumn term of the academic year prior to your child starting school is the time to investigate your options, attend open days/evenings and hand in your application forms. Generally speaking, you need to submit your applications in the academic year before you are planning to send them to Nursery/Reception.


A comprehensive guide to Jewish primary schools and nurseries has been put together by the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC).


The key is to research your options early to ensure that you know how the application process works for each school. It is important to check the admissions criteria for each individual school. This can normally be found on a school’s website, or by contacting the school directly. As a general rule, siblings are given priority. A school cannot make attendance at its nursery a pre-condition for admission into its Reception class. As such, you could be offered a place for Nursery in a school but would need to reapply the following year for Reception and a place is not guaranteed. Conversely, you could choose not to send to nursery, or send your child to a standalone nursery school and then apply for Reception directly. In this case, you have an equal chance of entry into Reception as a child who attended the school’s nursery.


For some schools, you will need to obtain a CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice). You will need to check with each school whether you will need to do this. For school applications for September 2018, the recording of Shabbat morning synagogue attendance runs between May 2017 and 9th January 2018 at United Synagogues ( However, some schools set their own dates within this period so do check the schools’ admissions policies. You are advised to check with your own synagogue how they record attendance. Even if you are a member of a Shul, you may need to call the Shul office to confirm that you are collecting points so they can add you to any register system they are running. Again, this will vary from Shul to Shul. You may also be able to collect CRP points through other activities such as Jewish educational activities, volunteering in the community, or charitable/welfare activities.


Even if you are allocated a nursery place, you will still need to complete the Common Application Form (CAF) with your local borough to secure a place in the Reception Class. If your child was born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014 your form needs to be submitted by 15th January 2018 You may automatically receive application guidance if your child already attends a Nursery Class. For Jewish schools, you must fill out the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF), as well as completing the borough’s CAF. Usually, the SIF must be signed by a Rabbi. Please note that the CAF and SIF only apply to state schools.


Don’t miss your application deadlines!