Al Pi Darko Parenting

Al Pi Darko Parenting

Al Pi Darko runs parenting classes for babies and children of all ages, create your own group or join one that is already running.

The Al Pi Darko Programme for parents empowers you make their own decisions about their children and their family structure and culture, giving them tools to change things to the way they want. Al Pi Darko is not an instruction manual. It is a course that gives the participant knowledge about behaviour and learning so that they can go home and change THEIR OWN BEHAVIOUR in order to bring about the changes they want in their children within their own culture and framework.

Many parents ask – but what if only I come to the course and my spouse is not interested? The answer is that whilst of course the best outcome will probably be achieved if both parents attend, there is a vast amount of improvement in parenting effectiveness that will occur even if only one parent attends.

There are various presentations of the Al Pi Darko Programme.

Babies and tots can be challenging. Much of their behaviour is guided by the parent’s responses – not only to the baby. Tots are very responsive to the way a parent feels generally and will feel secure – or otherwise – depending on the way the parent, talks to, handles and plays with their child as well as the way the parent responds to the child’s needs. APD will equip you to not only understand your child’s needs but also to understand yourself and show how your reactions and responses mould the child’s personality and behaviour.

Al Pi Darko courses are created by design. You may have a group of friends or a logical group eg from a school, community, toddler, shared interest group. One person needs to take responsibility to form the group and liaise with our administration department to set up the course. Sessions can take place during the day or in the evening, Sunday – Wednesday. Or you can join an open group see the website for more information.






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